A face mask is like a super power against Corona Virus - right?

We wish! ...but no,

All face masks, including Facemask Vogue, that are not hospital grade, are designed to protect other people.

The plan is; if we all ACT like we are asymptomatic for Covid 19 AND wear face masks, we have the best chance of keeping that curve flattened!


Humm, so how DOES Facemask Vogue work?

Facemask Vogue uses 100% quilters cotton for the part you choose AND 100% Egyptian cotton as the lining against your face. We do sneak a little fusible webbing in between to give your face mask a pleasing structure.

By using 100% cotton our masks are sustainable, reusable, washable and healthy for your skin BUT, Corona Virus HATES cotton.

While Covid 19 can linger for days on steel and hard plastics, it's found to be very unstable on cotton and cloth. 


Not stable on CLOTH that's great news but like eww I have this face mask on my FACE- how do I clean it?

For the most part, all you need to do is air your face mask over night to make it hygienic again. But if you get make up smudges or want to give it a wash, Facemask Vogue  recommends hand washing, air drying and a freshen up with an iron. Our face masks can, however, tolerate machine washing if you so wish.   


OK,  So I'm wearing this face mask for commuting to work and I really like frogs, do you have any frogs, I really want to look different?

Facemask Vogue has a massive range of fabrics for bespoke face masks. While we don't have absolutely everything don't be shy about asking! You might be surprised - but for the moment, we're all out of unicorns.

No point in letting Covid 19 strip us of our sense of style! Dare to wear your style across your face is the motto here at Facemask Vogue! 


What's my size?

Facemask Vogue comes in one size, but a tug at the edges can fit our mask to your face. We do, however, make slightly smaller face masks for children under 8; just message us for more information. 


I run a small business and want my staff to wear uniforms, can you help?

Helping out is why Facemask Vogue opened! Talk to us! We can arrange bespoke fabrics, and /or add a logo. 


I got my mask, but I don't like it, can I return it?

We really hope that everyone who gets one of our Facemask Vogue face masks both loves it and stays safe using it.

We have worked very hard to be faithful in our photographs of the fabrics. Due to the nature of the fabrics, there will be a certain amount of variation in the patters.

Because of the nature of the use of face masks we can not facilitate returns. If however you have a practical issue please contact us to see if there is a way we can help you love your face mask as much as we do. 


What if I get crumbs in my mask when I'm eating?

Make sure to wash your face mask everyday! Keeping your face mask clean is extremely important and is a necessity when using a reusable mask!

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