Support Not Sympathy

As #supportnotsympathy trends on twitter, Ireland once again visits the case of establishments across the country being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, the Irish Government decided to unleash a series of sweeping lockdown restrictions on the counties Kildare, Laois, and Offaly. Shop and Café owners in these counties looked on in dismay as their livelihoods were abruptly destroyed by the government.

The cases arose from different meat factories across the three counties. A spike of 174 cases saw the government jump into action and restrictions were put in place. The economic impact these counties will feel in tourism and shop revenue will be felt for months to come just based on these two weeks. Is the economic cure becoming worse than the public health virus? Ireland has seen an increase in coronavirus cases but a reduction in death cases corresponding to the increase in cases. This is not a surprise considering that most of the new cases are supposedly below the age of 45.

As of the 14th of August, RTÉ reports that 13 cases inhabit ICU beds in the hospital, colossally down from the initial first wave. Granted the COVID19 pandemic is still a giant issue in terms of increasing death across lands. Are we doing enough to open the economy though?

A national face mask mandate still has not been endorsed by the government even though it has been shown to work in all other countries that know how to deal with this virus.

Nightclubs area apparently open in South Korea with all attendees forced to wear face masks, and Irish people can't even get a pint without 9 euro worth of food? Ronan Glynn, acting Chief Medical Officer in NPHET, said "alcohol is the friend of COVID19", if that is the case why are we allowed to buy cans at the shops?

We don't know what plans the government has in plan for the next spike in cases but one thing is for sure, the consequential recession that will form from this will be hard-hitting. 

Keep your head up and your face mask on. We are all in this together!