Single Use Face Masks Destroy Our Oceans

It has been said before on our blogs that single-use face masks destroy the environment. That is why we offer reusable, washable and eco-friendly face masks!

The notable journalism of The Guardian in the United Kingdom reported that there are "More Masks Than Jellyfish" in the this article:

This documents the excessive usage of face masks our communities have taken due to the coronavirus pandemic. What's done is done and we have polluted our oceans well within an inch of their aquatic life but we now have a chance to rectify things!

Some say sometimes you have to close a door to open a window! That window of opportunity is here! It has been offered with the use of reusable face masks! By choosing to reuse and save we cannot remedy the damage that has already been done but we can stop it in its tracks.

The creation of plastics has given us cheap and easy manufacturing opportunities but we do not understand what we have created in the process. Plastics do not degrade naturally in nature for up to centuries at a time. The very thought of using such plastic for "single-use" is counterintuitive. We have built something that can almost last forever, certainly form a human perspective, but we choose to only use it ONCE?!

So now, pull back the lever on your reclining chair like an emergency brake and consider REUSABLE materials.

Reusable materials, such as our face masks, need to have an air of elegance and uniqueness about them. At Facemask Vogue we pride ourselves in trying to make a design that could be of fun importance to you. From our range of stylish designs, we want you to have a level of ownership that you cannot get from the single-use plastic face masks of the world. We are in the business of creating FASHION ownership. None of this nonsense of use once and throw away.

Now don't get us wrong, the usage of disposable face masks have their importance in the healthcare setting where coronavirus can survive on a face mask for a long time, possibly increasing one's risk of the chance of getting it. We can firmly say these masks are not meant for that sort of setting. They are meant as three-layer cloth protection that will protect OTHERS from YOU in a setting that you cannot afford the luxuries of social-distancing. In this way, it is HONOURABLE to wear a face mask. So while you are being honourable in your respective community, why not purchase a colourful, vibrant and stylish face mask suited to your personality. We have it all here on this website!