It is TIME!

Its time to start wearing face masks. All around the world, in spaces that we cannot appropriately social distance from person to person. Think of it, if everyone wore a face mask there be virtually be no transmission of germs from one person to another.

Dr. Luke O'Neill from Trinity College Dublin has said that there is a "99% decrease in risk of transferring COVID-19 if both people in close proximity are wearing masks". This is how we all beat this horrible disease once and for all. We all must be responsible now. Face masks whether we like it or not will have to become a way of life and we all better get used to it.

Starting a movement is always difficult and the very essence of wearing a face mask is hard to comprehend. Most face masks look threatening and often people associate them with fear. It is time to change that pysche. Take pride in the fact that you are protecting your fellow man and woman from yourself. If everyone does this then we all protecting eachother. An unbreakable bond that the virus cannot possibly infiltrate.

We at Facemask Vogue are trying to make that transition as fun as possible by offering fashionable, stylish face masks made from the finest, colorful quilters cotton you can find in the world. We realize that this transition to wearing a face mask is a difficult one and we want you to enjoy your own personal face mask. What better way to do this then have fun styles on the front to cheer yourself and everyone else up.

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