Hands, Face, Space!

Boris Johnson has recommended everyone goes on a staycation. Suggesting that those summer springers that have hopped across international borders have done the wrong thing.

We see young adults across social media outlets such as Instagram partying it up in large groups abroad. There have been reports that local police officers in Spain, Portugal, and Greece have had to such down such parties in order to limit the possible spread of coronavirus. Shirts off, inebriated, no worries right?

Let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Most countries across Europe had just managed to control the spread of the virus to some degree. Sweeping lockdowns caused an aggressive decline in cases across the board. Now, we're seeing a little increase. Community transmission is on the rise and our young adults are jetting off to far locations across the globe thinking everything is back to normal. We wish it was!

Could foreign travel cost us another lockdown? Lets hope not. The World Health Organisation has said a second wave is unlikely and that it is most likely going to be "one large wave". This has idea originated from the idea that COVID19 does not seem to be following seasonal patterns as other flus have in the past such as Influenza. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/29/one-big-wave-why-the-covid-19-second-wave-may-not-exist-coronavirus

If this is the case the virus will most likely mutate several times and a COVID19 test may simply test for any flu. 

Now we must visit the idea of holidaying abroad once again. Do we really want international transmission again? Thats how the virus cam to Ireland right? A simple Trinity Bio-medical Student who had spent time in Italy on vacation ended up contracting the virus. The Irish media seems to explain that majority transmission comes from communties but it cant have started there. It starts from abroad, it starts from international travel. Pointing the finger in this way seems to create an air that community transmission is the main culprit of spread and domestic problems are the main issue. This is incredibly far from the truth.

Ireland had a chance to operate the same way New Zealand did. New Zealand locked down their country to international travel and managed to eradicate COVID cases for 19 days straight until they let in two British travelers who did not quarantine https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/asia-pacific/unacceptable-failure-sees-two-new-new-zealanders-infected-with-covid-19-leave-quarantine-1.4281406. Ireland has not even attempted to rid its domestic population of COVID19 for multiple days on end. We could have limited all international travel and got our domestic economy roaring all guns blazing. Instead we let boys and girls have their little holiday abroad. Enjoy it while it lasts, you're unpatriotic and Ireland does not want you back.

True patriots will be stay-cationing on the glorious Wild Atlantic Way, basking in crashing waves in Bundoran, Achill and Lahinch.

Kayaking through the glowing algae waters of West Cork and drinking the clear clear water of Lough Mask for to quench our thirst.