Amanda Gorman Just Is

After hearing Amanda Gorman's "The Hill We Climb", one cannot be anything but inspired to write about it.

It is not often that can be said about a poem, and in this case the poem spoke to the core of how so many of us are feeling in this moment of transition.

I was so overwhelmed by not only the power and poetry of her words, but by the measured strength and youth of her delivery. I realised in that moment of listening, that I had been watching the future ... of my country, of my ecology, of my world, through my fingers as my hands cover my face to the fear.

This “skinny black woman” has ever so gently removed my hands from my face and placed her hand in mine and told ME - we can walk to a better world together. Now I hold my other hand out to you.

I feel stronger and more optimistic because of this remarkable woman. I will walk taller knowing that she and others like her are here and when I feel my hands reaching to cover my eyes, I will listen to her poem again ...again and again and again until I know it in my soul and I find the power to follow the light that Amanda Gorman has so brightly lit.