A Thread in the Rug Pulled from Under Us

Face Mask Vogue is a means to an end. A business created in the midst of a pandemic for the very essence of a pandemic. We hope this business ends as we hope the pandemic ends. We want to be out of business. We want the world to recover.

Vaccines are being approved and administered throughout the world. Upon writing this, Ireland is the second-best in terms of vaccinations per capita in the EU, behind Denmark who leads the way.

The amount of vaccines being improved are increasing. First it was Pfizer, then Moderna, after that Oxford-AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson look to be next. The latter vaccines come with added benefits in terms of logistics. Both can be stored at room temperature compared to the cool -70 degrees Celsius that Pfizer and Moderna must be stored at. Johnson & Johnson also comes with the major benefit of only needing one shot to gain immunity. This is major as it quickens up the pace of vaccination two-fold.

Face Mask Vogue is an incredible product, allowing people to enjoy something that brings everyone dread, the face mask. We try to change the perception of face masks by making them an element of joy. People smile as they see our designs, they're stylish and fun. We always knew the business was going to end and realistically the sooner the better as that would mean the end of the pandemic!

We've been blown away with peoples support for our business, features on RTÉ and radio shows have been incredibly supporting! Some customers have bought our products as not just for practical use but also as memorabilia for the time period they are leaving through and thriving in!

Spreading joy is a goal as a company but the other is climate justice. Considerable time has been spent documenting the dumping of single-use face masks in communities around Ireland and the world. Some of our previous blog posts dive into single-use masks being found in the ocean where they are more abundant than fish in some areas. Buying reusable products could not be more important in todays age and that is goes for face masks too!

Face Mask Vogue won't be around for long so make the most of it while you can! Take time browsing through our website, there's a lot of fabric to choose from and surprises all around the pages!

As always Stay Safe, Stay Vogue!


Your Friends at Face Mask Vogue!