The Dublin Music Scene & Startups

The Dublin music scene is booming and so are start-ups around the country.

From diverse music performance acts such as FOZSA and MackerRhymes to incredible startups like Bounce Insights. The creative juices in Dublin City are dripping everywhere and flooding the streets. Artists and businesses, while established before the COVID19 pandemic, seem to have flourished during the lockdown. Forced renewed focus on projects has reaped rewards for all parties.

FOZSA sports an eclectic music taste pivoted in the roots of Electronic/Dance music. Their vibrant music vocals show elements of the perfect pitch with a groovy bassline to set the hairs on the back of your neck into a funk. A certain shoo-in at any house party, whenever those are allowed again, you cannot go wrong with FOZSA.

MackerRhymes unapologetically gives a listener a full blast of a beautiful Dublin accent. This itself is music to the ears of those sick of hearing false American accents on those who would speak in an Irish accent while talking and not rapping. Rooted in Hip Hop with a creative flow this artist will give any Dublin Hip Hop head satisfaction.

Turning our heads to start-ups, Bounce Insights is probably the most exciting apps of the 21st Century. Starting in Trinity College Dublin, Bounce Insights was created as an app to allow students to get paid for filling out online surveys. Students are usually short of cash at the best of times and this allowed them to gain a free cup of coffee or a discount at a restaurant in return for a short amount of their time. The company spread its wings to other colleges and now to anyone willing to use it. The platform is built to make market research accessible and applicable to anyone who needs to speak to their target customers. Thanks to their ability to target and engage their panel, they deliver real-time insight for whatever research needs companies may have. For more information visit

Dublin and Ireland are practically swimming in creativity and now with technology allowing a fast track and interconnectivity from artists to followers and companies to customers, there is no better time to get involved. Give these small artists and businesses your support and we may see more creative opportunities arise in our communities because of it!

Stay Safe & Stay Kind!

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