The Day is Here

The Day is on its way it couldn't wait no more, here it comes, ready or not!

Joyous images have been appearing all over the world of people getting the coronavirus vaccine. Pictured on our main photo is Joan Harshman, of Nashville, Tennessee, getting her vaccine! A long awaited moment that gives everyone who sees it hope. Hope that things may return to normal. Hope that we can see eachother again in person.

As you can see, Joan showed up to her vaccine appointment in style! Sporting a "Tulips on the Green" face mask! She was easily the most fashionable vaccine candidate in the world!

We would like to offer our great congratulations to Joan for getting the Covid-19 vaccine and taking a major leap forward for humanity! No doubt we will all be waiting in anticipation for our own vaccine appointment whenever it may be!

Whenever you show up to your vaccine appointment, make sure you show up in a fashionable face mask! Protect others in style!

As always Stay Safe & Stay Vogue, 

Your Friends at Face Mask Vogue!