Instagram -> @snapsbyalc 

Face Mask Vogue would like to present one of the most underrated pages on Instagram. A hidden gem.

Snaps by ALC features some of the most exquisite photography seen in lockdown. A feral, beautiful depiction of a world under-siege from a global pandemic. Imagery seen on this Instagram page will make the viewer ponder and enjoy the snapshot delivered by a talented photographer.


"Passers By" features a cold dark outside world experiencing Level 5 with the inside of an abandoned Radisson Blu Royal Hotel lit by fairies enticing the street walker inside.

"Fluorescence" explores the depths of the magic hour during the twilight zone. When the last light of day forays into the only colour that doesn't exist in nature. Blue.


"Partners" features two swans silently drifting through the Grand Canal. Paired with one another but also with their shadows, this fabulous photo uses light to show the difference between reality and the liminal space in its wake.

There are many more incredible photos for viewing on this page and for anyone looking for some escapism, this Instagram is a must see.

Check it out at @snapsbyalc on Instagram.