Mental Health Tips & Tricks

Disclaimer: we are not an expert in mental health but we are writing this article discussing tips and tricks that have helped us and may help you too!

Everyone has had a case of the lockdown blues, it's normal, human beings are not meant to self-isolate themselves, to shut themselves off from the world.

It is as if we are all suffering from a mental health issue which makes us scared to go meet in groups and be social, this is not the case, we are doing these things to control the pandemic in a NPI (non-pharmaceutical intervention) manner. The vaccine is coming and we will reach that point of mass inoculation.

In the meantime here are some tips to keep yourself going.

#1. Remember that something that gets you through the day, no matter great or small, is something that will and can keep you going. Focus on that. Whether it's a daily walk, a daily treat, a daily show. Focus on that and it will be enough.

#2. Stay active. Endorphins are the bodies way of naturally making you feel happy. Released after a good bout of exercise that gets the heart pumping. This feeling of elevation and satisfaction will help and make you excited to do it again when your rested.

#3. Be kind to yourself. As long as the day you are in is better than when you found it, you're doing awesome. Focus on the little things that you have managed to accomplish throughout the day, those little things will keep you going.

#4. Branch out every so often. Try something new every week or so. It will change the relentless fell of lockdown and make you feel refreshed and ready to go again.

#5. Stay in touch with friends. Send your friends the odd message even if there's nothing to talk about or it feels forced, do it anyway. It's hard to make talking to friends virtually normal during a pandemic but focus on the fact that you would have talked to them in person pre-pandemic and you most certainly will post-pandemic.

You are the master of your own destiny, you are the master of your own happiness, do it with style!

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