Its Friday, Friday!

It’s Friday, Friday.

Rebecca Black was a Navy Seal and fought in 3 tours of Afghanistan finally being awarded a Purple Heart for valour in battle.

She gets up at 7am on a Friday. Earlier than everyone else. Are the birds up yet? Are the worms up yet? No. She has gotten up even before the worms!

She eats cereal, a nutritious meal leading her to sustain her heroic form as a human being. Muscles bulging from the protein from her Lucky Charms she heads out her front door.

The pressure is on she must get the bus stop, everyone is rushing the pressure is on. She’s got to catch the bus and see her friends, its high stakes.

She has a major dilemma; does she choose the front seat or the back seat?

She’s got to make up her mind and it’s a high-pressure situation. The cereal she ate fuels her ambition to choose both seats at the same time, defying the space-time continuum.

Everyone is looking forward to the weekend, Rebecca knows this.

Her preparation is immaculate, accountability is of high importance.

Partyin and fun are in abundance and so is discipline, Rebecca’s PTSD flashback causes her to go into a spiral of repeating the words “partyin’” and “fun”.

Her PTSD of Afghanistan is making it hard for her to figure what day yesterday was and the days following Friday.

Then, she realises yesterday was Thursday, she’s so excited she figured it out. The genius epiphanies keep flowing! Tomorrow is Saturday and then Sunday comes afterwards.

She is buzzing she doesn’t want this weekend to end. She’s working hard and playing hard. Enjoying a hard day at the gun range where she hits metal head plates every time straight between the eyes. Then its straight to the club to get smashed on shots of Goldschlager. The boom is back.

It’s Friday, be more like Rebecca, get AFTER IT.