Getting Used to The "New Normal"

We've heard everywhere. On the TV, radio, newspapers, in everyday conversation, and in the street. Everyone is coming to terms with the "new normal" which has been set by the current COVID19 pandemic.

When this business was founded it came from the idea that we HATE the idea of having to wear a facemask but it is something we are most likely going to have to adapt to. This is normal now.

We thought the best way to embrace this "new normal" was to have fun with it! Different vibrant designs on each face mask could create an air of excitement in a community, rather than a feeling of hatred and disdain for the circumstances which created this product a necessity.

One of our most important aims as a company is to lift everyone's spirits in these challenging times.

Whether you are a "Tulips on the Green" or "Rainbow Rabbits" fashionista, there should be a face mask design that brings to joy to everyone's face!

We encourage scrolling through all our magnificently unique designs and enjoying something which may not be around for such a long time!

We LOVE our face mask business and enjoy every minute of trying to bring the best and brightest designs to your eyes for your enjoyment.

We hope you LOVE Facemask Vogue too!

As always Stay Safe & Stay Kind!