Florida - U.S. 2020 Election

The election of the next president of the United States is imminent. With 17 days to the election day, who will win? Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

Florida is by far the most interesting state in this race and will most likely predict the winner of the 2020 election. Florida has backed the winning candidate of the presidential election since 1996. The state is of particular interest due to the counting of absentee ballots. Florida pre-processes its ballots 40 days before Election Day, meaning the state will most likely have its winner decided on Election Day. Given this information, the election may well be decided on who wins Florida on Election Day.

So who will win Florida? Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

Looking at the strata of the population in Florida. Florida is purple as it is generally a close match between the number of Republicans and Democrats.

A large proportion of voters in Florida come from the over 65 age profile. This age profile generally vote Republican but reports from "The Villages" of care homes in central Florida state that voters are leaning towards Joe Biden due to how President Trump dealt with the pandemic. Many over 65s were left to fend for themselves in a time where mass public cooperation was needed to protect them from the deadly Covid-19 virus. They feel forgotten by the current Trump administration who repeatedly proceed to downplay the severity of the virus and have done from the start of the pandemic.

The Latino community are an interesting proposition in the 2020 election. The genius move by the Trump campaign and Republican agenda to make Democrats seem like radical socialists is hurting the Biden campaign. The Latino community still remember or have a close experience with the extreme socialist dictatorships in Venezuela and Bolivia. This is why they are likely to vote for a conservatist ticket. 

Of course it is highly unacceptable to paint demographics with such a broad brush. The most important thing to do, if you are an American voter, is VOTE!

Stay Safe, Stay Vogue!