NPHET looking at whether to mandate the use of face masks instead of visors

Speaking on RTÉ’s Prime Time, the minister said it would appear that visors are “not as effective” as face masks, but said he did not know and had asked the public health team to inquire.

NPHET are to produce extensive research on the subject. Countless times, they have commented on the fact that visors protect the user and not others, therefore they are less effective compared to face masks.

Face masks stifle the transmission of aerosol droplets in the air, protect others around you. If everyone wore a face mask in a social setting, transmission of aerosol droplets would likely be kept to a minimum.

Since COVID-19 is airborne, the CDC have also done extensive research on this. It is far better to wear face masks than visors. Visors simply cover the face of the user but if the user coughs or sneezes those droplets have the chance to escape below the visor.

Reusable Face Masks are the only way to keep your germs to yourself. Face Shields are ineffective. 

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