Ms. Mailin Ballot

Oh Ms. Mailin Ballot where art thou?

I've been waiting so long I can't tell the difference between you and a bus!

You always come through with those majority votes for the main man Joe Biden. It must be because his supporters love you so much. You have saved them a trip to the booths during the pandemic and saved the U.S. from possible more spread of COVID 19.

Mr. Trump doesn't seem to like you, he wants you to stop. In fact he tweets about it repeatedly. Some say he secretly loves you and you have had a relationship for many, many years. He doesn't want anyone to know that though. It's a secret.

So why does he not like you now?

It must be because you're now popular, you left him to wallow in his swamp. Now your stunting across the country, saying hello to everyone! You're coast to coast, all over our TV screens! The  number 1 talked about person right now!

North and South States love you, you're ever present, omnipotent and omnipresent!

We can't wait to see what you do next, you go Ms. Ballot!