Coffee - Where Would You Get It?

Coffee - when you need a kick its there. Ever strong, ever invigorating, ever exciting. For those who have felt the warm embrace of a coffee mug between their hands, they know the love of coffee isn't measured in the abundance of cups but the intensity in which one drinks it.

There are those that grind their own coffee beans and those who simply shove a spoonful of instant into a mug and throw boiling water on it. There are those that use single-use pods and those that use ground coffee in a machine. That is the 21st century.

According to legend, ancestors of todays Oromo people in a region of Ethiopia were the first to recognise the energising effect of the coffee plant. However, there is no direct evidence that has been found earlier than the 15th century to suggest coffee was used as a stimulant by the African populations in the area. In the 9th-century there was a legendary account of how a goatherder named Kaldi noticed the effects of coffee when his goats got excited after eating the beans. This did not appear in writing until 1671 and is most likely apocryphal.

While there are many cafes around the world, most people do not know the meaning of the word! Cafe is a word actually derived from coffee and the suffix 'phile' meaning one who loves coffee very much. With offices around the country not being inhabited anymore with workers, some office-centric cafes have shut. 

One Café that has had major success during the pandemic is Shoe Lane Coffee.

Shoe Lane Coffee is an artisan single-origin specialty coffee shop. Their first coffee shop was established on Tara Street in 2016, their second in Dun Laoghaire in 2018. Open 7 days a week in both locations and being dog friendly, Shoe Lane offers one of the most wholesome, friendly experiences you can get from a coffee shop. Deep wooden tables and chairs allow the visitor to embrace the experience in what can only be described as a coffee hug. Warming the heart and providing support and stimulant to your day.

During the pandemic, Shoe Lane has been adapting quickly to the various restrictions put on coffee establishments. When takeaway and delivery visits were solely allowed, a queue was regularly seen outside their shop in Dun Laoghaire providing people with a bit of excitement to their lives in the "new normal". We hope that they will enjoy continued success in the many years to come and we will be no doubt enjoying their coffee throughout that time!

Another coffee business that has had major success recently is Frank & Honest. Frank & Honest features in many shop locations around Ireland. With 100% Arabica beans, sourced ethically from Brazil & Colombia paired with their intelligent machines positioned in pit-stops around the country, the have been very noticeable in the current Irish climate. Not only this but Frank & Honest has now moved to 100% compostable cups which are manufactured in Ennis, Co. Clare so you can support green and support Ireland!

Whatever you do, try to drink coffee responsibly and don't get too hyped up during the day! Some say moderation is for cowards, others say everything in moderation including moderation itself. We think you should operate between those two sayings, there's a fine line but you can do it!

Have a great day everyone!

Stay Safe & Stay Vogue!

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