Jackson Jewellery

Jackson Jewellery.

Handmade in Dublin.

During the Celtic Times in Ireland people wore various hoop styles earrings and finger rings were worn, as well as fillets (a band of metal or cloth around the crown of the head) and veils.

Gold was hammered and beaten into sheets, then enhanced with embossed or repoussé work detailing. The patterns used to decorate the jewelry were often similar to the designs which were used on the pottery of the time- repeating geometric kite shapes, zigzags or triangles.

The jewelry was made with the local stones and jewels such as Marcasite and Connemara Marble, Silver of Bellagowan and Quartz from Keem, Achill. 

Jewellery in that time was seen as a trophy, bold to be worn by the wearer and the height of disrespect if snatched by someone.

Now jewellery has become somewhat of an abundance, fast fashion and cheap products have created an air of commonness on something that used to be unique and sought after.

Handmade jewellery changes that.

Jackson Jewellery changes that.

With handmade products made here in Dublin, Ireland. Her jewellery is made in the most incredible designs. Showing uniqueness and beauty in every single angle!

It is more important than ever to support local and support Irish this winter.

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