The Fit


So you you found the perfect style to go with your socially distant picnic. Now you need to make one more choice. 

HOW would you like to rock your face mask? 

Facemask Vogue offers three styling solutions. 


1) The elastic band. It’s simple and straightforward. It slides over the back of the head and the mask stays securely over your nose and mouth. It’s easy to pull down when you’ve left a shop and easy to pull up when you’re getting onto a bus. 


2) The ribbon and bead. All our ribbon choices are dispatched threaded through a jaunty wooden bead. When the mask is in place, simply tug on each string to get the fit you like. You can then tie the ribbons with a bow for added security. To lower them simply tug them down under your chin being careful not to pull the ribbon out of the bead. 

 3) The ribbon style two. This option converts the ribbon into ear loops. Ditch our jaunty bead, 😞, and tie the ribbons to form ear loops that make the mask fit comfortably and securely to your own face. You can leave the ribbons long like added jewellery or be brave and cut them NOT TOO short. This allows you to loop the mask off with total ease while making sure the mask fits you perfectly when it goes back on. 


So there you have it, at Facemask Vogue we deliver. Style, comfort and function... from our place to yours. 

Have fun choosing your style and remember to stay safe out there!