Shoe Lane Coffee

One Café that has had major success during the pandemic is Shoe Lane Coffee.

Shoe Lane Coffee is an artisan single-origin specialty coffee shop. Their first coffee shop was established on Tara Street in 2016, their second in Dun Laoghaire in 2018. Open 7 days a week in both locations and being dog friendly, Shoe Lane offers one of the most wholesome, friendly experiences you can get from a coffee shop. Deep wooden tables and chairs allow the visitor to embrace the experience in what can only be described as a coffee hug. Warming the heart and providing support and stimulant to your day.

During the pandemic, Shoe Lane has been adapting quickly to the various restrictions put on coffee establishments. When takeaway and delivery visits were solely allowed, a queue was regularly seen outside their shop in Dun Laoghaire providing people with a bit of excitement to their lives in the "new normal". We hope that they will enjoy continued success in the many years to come and we will be no doubt enjoying their coffee throughout that time!