With the September squalls and sunny spells appearing in Ireland, Halloween is only around the corner!

Halloween or Oíche Shamhna was originally created from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain. Samhain is Old Irish for 'summer's end'. Don't ask us how we can have summer in October back then but maybe those were the good old days!

Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. It was seen as a liminal time when the boundary between this world and the next thinned. This meant the Aos Sí or the spirits and fairies could more easily access our world and were particularly active. This is similar to the 'elves' of Iceland where places of Aos Sí would require protection from a God when approaching their dwellings. Offerings to the Aos Sí were common, such as a fire to remember those who had passed and would be in contact with them, bonfires are thought to represent this idea.

One of the most famous Irish Aos Sí is the Banshee or Ban Síde. A Banshee is said to announce a coming death by wailing. Keeping everyone up at night.

Probably the most famous Aos Sí would be a leprechaun! Disney has had its fair whack at depicting leprechauns and often Irish people are referred to like them in a derogative tone. As in folklore leprechauns are a solitary creature, whose life revolves around cobbling shoes and making practical jokes. Unlike the other Aos Sí, the leprechaun solely deals with affairs of a joking nature, perfect for Halloween!

Halloween celebrations are celebrated in many countries with activities such as trick-or-treating, costume-wearing, pumpkin carving, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, playing pranks such as teepeeing a house and telling scary stories. The festival is an amazing way to celebrate Autumn and get one last blow-out before Christmas!

Most importantly, this festival is an incredible learning experience for children. While dressing up and seeing other people dressing up is always fun, children begin to understand that sometimes adults are just big children!

If you catch a full-grown adult dressing up as a princess or a transformer, don't stop them! A sense of community around the silliness of Halloween is of great importance!

Now that COVID-19 is on the scene it is of even more importance to embrace the silliness of Halloween. To give people a lift in these difficult times is vital for all our mental wellbeing.

Since face masks are going to around for a while, here at Face Mask Vogue we have sought to bring you a range of Halloween fabrics just for you! Now when you go to the shops or ride public transport you can show your festive spirit!

It is also important to not scare people during these times. In all seriousness, we implore you to have fun this Halloween but not at anyone's expense. Be careful out there. Fireworks and bangers are dangerous and always will be, avoid them at all costs and leave it to the professionals to put on a firework show just for you!

From all at Face Mask Vogue we hope you have the best Halloween ever this Autumn, 2020 is going to turn around we can feel it!