Face Mask Fashion at the Grammys!

If you tuned into the grammys last night you know what we're talking about, If you didn't you're missing out!

The world just witnessed the greatest display for face mask fashion outside of Face Mask Vogue!

Taylor Swift matched her floral garden folklore dress with a face mask to match, blooming into greatness winning Album of the Year with her album Folklore 😍

Beyonce sported a black face mask to match her black dress winning R&B track of the year and breaking the record for  the most grammys won by a single artist! 🙌


Harry Styles trended a tartan face mask to match his tartan tweed jacket as he stunted on the red carpet with his signature flared trousers 🕺

This year at the grammys that face masks aren't just a method of protection against COVID19 but a way to express yourself through fashion!

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