PING Media Management

PING Media Management!

Making Social, Simple!

PING Media Management is an Irish company founded by Nicholas Grennan.

PING Media Management is a social media management and creative agency based in Dublin. Their main objective is to bridge the gap between small to medium size business and social media.

As they describe themselves:

"For many businesses and brands, social media is a daunting element of the marketing mix. Most know that it’s essential in the digital age to have an online presence to reach and engage with customers, however to many, it’s a buzzword filled, instantaneous digital maze. 


PING Media Management offers a no-nonsense social media management service to these businesses who are trying to cut through the white noise. Paired with our creative services, we aim to help them tell their story through social media platforms

We understand that for many businesses finding the time and expertise to navigate multiple social media platforms can be difficult, especially when changes happen so frequently in a fast-paced digital world. However, social media is a necessary component of a business’s marketing and communications strategy as well as an important factor in creating brand identity, growing an online presence and generating new business. Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn present significant opportunities for business."

In these times, it  is of most grave importance to support Irish companies.

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