France Preparation for the Second Wave

The wearing of face masks will become mandatory on August 1st, Emmanuel Macron, President of France has said during his Bastille Day speech.

Recognition of face masks to be one of the few weapons against the novel coronavirus is gaining traction.

Scotland has recently reported that they have had 0 deaths due to the virus for the last week. Being the first country within the United Kingdom and Ireland to adopt an official face mask mandate in public spaces gives everyone a good insight into how effective they are for a country.

COVID-19 infections are increasing in France and President Macron has said that they are efficiently prepared for a second wave. With Germany taking a proportion of patients from France to be treated during the first wave, Macron must have some confidence that this will not happen again.

France is currently living with a daily case of around 200. If this is the 'livable' rate one must wonder what a second wave will look like and hope that it never comes to fruition.