QB Black Representation in the NFL - Black History

Out of all positions in all sports, the quarterback is an extremely unusual position. The ability to command a field results in the position demanding a generational leader to succeed at the top level. This unusual position of high importance lead to an unusual amount of visible racism. Whether unintentional or not the racism favored that of choosing white men as the leading position in the offense and the face of the franchise.

In 1993 an African - American college quarterback named Charlie Ward played for Florida state.

He won the Heisman Trophy, the highest award in college football awarded to the best college football athlete.

Where did he go after that? The New York Knicks Basketball Team, because back then they didn't hire black quarterbacks.

Now they do. Deshaun Watson, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, Teddy Bridgewater, Tyrod Taylor, all starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

Granted the first African - American quarterback was in fact Marlin Briscoe. Selected in 1968 by the AFL's Broncos, Briscoe received limited playing time as a quarterback.

None can forget the great Warren Moon. The rifle-armed quarterback lit up the Pac-8 during his collegiate career. Once again, as an African - American quarterback, he went unselected in the NFL 12-round draft. The talented prospect had to take his talents to the Canadian Football League. After great success in the CFL, Moon went on to enjoy a successful 16 year career in the NFL, 14 in which he played the majority of regular season games. Featuring for the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs. He enjoyed post-season forays with the Houston Oilers and the Minnesota Vikings but with limited success.

After his playing career he went on to mentor Cam Newton, the first overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, alluding to their common experiences as prominent African - American quarterbacks.

Teams are slowly starting to understand that if you're a leader, it doesn't matter what colour your skin is. This is competition, may the best man win.